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Professional Audiology Clinic was established in 1986. We are committed to offering professional, state of the art hearing health care in a warm and caring environment. Our patients are truly important to us and we believe wholeheartedly in building long-term, client-focused relationships.

We provide a full range of hearing health care services to all ages – infants to adults. We continually strive to raise the quality of hearing health care, keeping abreast of research, staying on the leading edge of technology, and by continuing the education and evaluation of all of our staff.  In short, we work hard to offer you more to serve you better. 

What We Do

Professional Hearing Health Care Services

When we ask our new patients why they came to us they often say they've been referred by one of our current patients or by their physician who has told them about us. You'll find more patient comments by clicking on our testimonials section.

If you have a hearing concern you can make an appointment with us directly. A physician referral is not a requirement. If a medical need exists we will make an appropriate and timely referral. The following links will also connect you to information related to:

Comprehensive audiologic hearing assessment

  • adults and specializing in young children

Comprehensive hearing evaluation and screening

  • adults

  • middle ear evaluation

Otoacoustic emissions
Low-level sound emitted by the cochlea, either spontaneously or as an echo or other sound evoked by and auditory stimulus, related to the function of the outer hair cells of the cochlea.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) are sounds measured in the external ear canal that reflect active processes in the cochlea. OAEs are used to help determine cochlear function, specifically outer hair cell function. When outer hair cells are structurally damaged or nonfunctional, OAEs typically cannot be measured. In addition, if middle ear pathology is present, OAEs may not be present, which may suggest some degree of dysfunction in the middle and/or inner ear.

Test measuring OAEs is another option that is used for our battery of diagnostics at Professional Audiology Clinic when appropriate.

Referrals for cochlear implants

what we do

Comprehensive digital hearing device evaluation and follow-up (Verifit)

  • most major manufacturers and styles

  • real ear measurement

  • computerized hearing device adjustments

  • on-site repairs, batteries and other accessories

  • real ear measurement

  • Verfication using the Verifit Hearing Instrument Fitting System: computerized hearing device adjustments   

  • on-site repairs, batteries and other accessories

Assistive listening devices

  • for school, home and business communications

Custom hearing protection and ear plugs

  • occupational, sport and musicians' ear plugs

Patient and family counselling

Educational support

Trained in cerumen (wax) removal

Medical needs assessment including referrals to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physicians

Hearing workshops


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